Women in 2017

Women in 2017 are regarded as modern women, capable of playing both the roles of a man and a woman. Today, women enjoy the same rights and privileges that were initially enjoyed by only the men. A 2017 woman is best described based on the following factors; Education, Fashion, and independence.

  • Education

A modern woman is an educated one. The modern world as we know it has opened many doors of opportunities for smart and driven women in terms of education. It’s for this reason that today, women are graduating both from high school and colleges at unprecedented rates.

Women embracing education has led to a high number of female CEO’s and more women diverting to professions that were once perceived to be male careers such as Law and Engineering.

  • Fashion

A 2017 woman loves fashion. As opposed to a 1907 woman, who used to wear high-necked, long sleeve dresses, today’s women dress code is ‘my dress my choice’ . A modern woman embraces fashion.

  • Independence

A 2017 woman is an independent woman; she is able to stand up to herself. It doesn’t matter whether it assertiveness or finance, she is all over and is in control. Gone are the days where a woman would be controlled, today’s women handle their issues as they come.

When it comes to finance, today’s women plan, budget and manage their own finances. Thanks to education, women today are employed and are paid their own salaries, they are able to pay their own bills and start their own investment projects (Playing casino online at Grand Mondial Casino is a way to earn money in their spare time)

Women in 2017 are assertive; whether its affection, intimacy or even attention, women today take control of their lives and provide for themselves.


Women in 2017 are different from those of the early 19th century. Women today are more independent, educated and fashionable as compared to their earlier counterparts who valued and accepted sexual purity, piety, submissiveness, and domesticity.


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